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Winter with Hot Pink Style's Jill

Figuring out this post pregnancy body is about the hardest styling challenge of my life. Seriously even harder than when I was pregnant! So hard I literally just ordered 7 pairs of jeans from Nordstrom hoping at least one will fit well and make me feel good in them. Ugh! It's a sad moment when you realize not much of what you have in your closet fits you anymore. SAD!
One site that has really made me feel stylish and comfortable in my new body is Audrey and Olive! not a maternity brand just "maternity friendly" which is an excellent way to put it. They are also super great for a post maternity body or just any girl who likes wearing comfy chic clothes. 
Hot Pink Style Jill in Audrey and Olive's maternity friendly long bomber coat and striped maxi dress

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